CTO Advisory Service

Supporting business leaders and CTO’s with 360 degree consultancy and digital services.

We support startups, scale ups and enterprises with anything from a day to multi year engagements. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

An end to end partnership

An end to end review of your digital landscape, examining risks and opportunities. We review these with you, plan and deliver. Results guaranteed!


We review your mission and current technical landscape and propose a concrete way forward, leveraging all available technologies. You gain a clear understanding of the opportunities and risks.


After agreeing on a way forward, we will plan and cost out options to make them reality.


We execute the plan, tracking it at every step through to delivery. This may be fully managed, outsourced or use in house teams as appropriate.

Interim and Fractional CTO Services

Flexible time based access to an experienced CTO to optimise value to your business.

For interim, we can provide full time or flexible cover for a defined period of time, often at short notice.

Can’t justify a full time CTO? We can provide the service on a part time or flexible basis as required.

Consultancy Domains

We can undertake high level review, planning and execution across all domains relevant to your needs. Our end to end service covers all of the below relevant to your business but you may commission more narrowly focussed review.


Identifying ultimate goals and milestones to get there.

We can help with OKR’s, Product roadmaps, Vision, Impact analysis and reporting.

People & Teams

Delivering great digital products requires having the right people and teams.


Are the right controls in place? Are your teams working on the most important things? Is the right oversight in place?


Does the underlying design support business goals?


Beautiful user experience comes with great design and multiple layers of testing. Does your app make the grade?

Cyber Security

Are your applications and data secure enough?


How resilient are your systems? What does downtime cost?


Will your digital assets scale with your business? Where’s the inflexion point? Have you tested for projected business volumes? Does the architecture support your growth goals?

Supplier Management

Some of your greatest risks and greatest opportunity for cost management may here.

Budget & Finance

Identifying ultimate goals and milestones to get there.

Budgets, grant funding.


GDPR, Accessibility, PCI

Software Engineering & Product Development

Proof of Concept and Prototyping

Proof of concepts, mock ups and prototypes developed cost effectively to clarify, obtain customer feedback and build business/investor interest to build a fully functional MVP.


Let us take your idea to minimal viable product – iteratively, collaboratively and cost effectively.


Full scale enterprise system management, security, building and integrating.

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CTOAS provides a full range of services to augment the bandwidth and capabilities of any CTO.

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